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A Report by the Social Network for Justice and Human Rights

A Report by the Social Network for Justice and Human Rights

Table of contents

Frei João Xerri and Lilia Azevedo


I. Human Rights in the Countryside
Violence in the Countryside and Land Reform
Maria Luisa Mendonça and Roberto Rainha
Violence and Aggression against Human Rights in the Wake of Agribusiness
Antônio Canuto
Transgenic crops - An important Debate
Sérgio Antônio Görgen
GMOs and Food Sovereignty
João Pedro Stedile
Trends in the Current Policy that Prevent Agrarian Reform
Plínio de Arruda Sampaio and Marcelo Resende
Confiscation of land as a way to combat slave labor
Xavier PLassat
Slavery for debt
Ricardo Rezende Figueira
The national policy for the eradication of slave labor
Marcelo Gonçalves Campos
Indigenous peoples in Brazil
Rosane Lacerda
Energy for the Purpose of Capitalist Exploitation
Marco Antonio Trierveiler, Gilberto Cervinski, Luiz Dalla Costa and Eduardo Zem
Water and Human Rights
Roberto Malvezzi

II. Human Rights Violations in Urban Areas

Social Exclusion in Brazil and the World
Marcio Pochmann
Combating impunity in the State of Espirito Santo
Tânia Maria Silveira
Institutional Abuse: Cases of Human Rights violations in the area of maternal and neonatal health care in the state of Rio de Janeiro
Laura Mury
A New Maranhão, Without Violence, Is Possible
Josiane Gamba
- Migrants: Needes and discriminated against
Luiz Bassegio

Children in the trafficking of drugs
Jailson de Souza e Silva
25 Years of Amnesty - "Whoever is silent over your body consents to your death"
Suzana Keniger Lisbôa

III. Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
The babaçu coconut workers and the struggle to end rural subjugation
Helciane de Fátima Abreu Araújo, Cynthia Martins Carvalho and Carolina Mendes Magalhães
Women's rights over their bodies
Miriam Nobre
Examples of Violation of the Right to Health
Eleonora Menicucci de Oliveira and Lúcia Maria Xavier
WTO Agreement threatens treatment of AIDS in Brazil
Evanize Sydow
Education in Brazil in the Lula government: A brief assessment
Sergio Haddad and Mariângela Graciano
Brazil, why so much unemployment?
Paulo César Pedrini
- The Right to Communication: Still a Far Off Horizon
Diogo Moysés and João Brant

GLTB and Human Rights in 2004: A Summary
Toni Reis

IV. International Policy and Human Rights
The Campaign Against the FTAA in Brazil
Ricardo Gebrim
Brazil and the Inter-American system for Human Rights Protection
Liliana Tojo and Ana Luisa Lima
The Counter-Agrarian Reform of the World Bank
Marcelo Resende and Maria Luisa Mendonça